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LecturePROLove Learning with LecturePRO


LecturePRO can present content dynamically to students in the room, be streamed live using Teams or Zoom using multiple webcams, whilst at the sametime recording to a video file which can be played back later, uploaded to YouTube or hosted in your online learning system.

Support for socially distanced learning
Enables close up, safe practical demonstrations to students wherever they are
Up to three webcams streaming in real time
Three layouts you can preconfigure to support different teaching segments
Simple automation - auto record sessions
Use pre set window sizes to allow you to speed through window setup
Settings and layouts are saved automatically ready for your next session
Webcam windows hover above your PowerPoint or other content
Hide and show webcams in each Layout
Fast alignment to window corners with quickset buttons
Swap windows around quickly with quickswap buttons

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LecturePROThe Controller

The LecturePRO controller has been designed to be simple to use. Choose your webcams. Setup your layouts by dragging webcam windows where you need them and press Go LIVE! It's as easy as A, B, C!
Our new pop up controls on webcam windows make LecturePRO even simpler.

LecturePROClever Design

LecturePRO allows your primary or second screen to show multiple webcams overlaid on top of other content such as powerpoint or other programs including software packages or learning material. This means you can teach remotely allowing your students to see your face or other useful images to help them engage. Controls for LecturePRO are neat and simple to use, hidden from view on your primary screen.

LecturePRORevolutionary Layout with flexlayout

Unlike other software which limits the size and position of the webcam, LecturePRO gives you full control with it's flexlayout technology. You can move webcams around and setup multiple layouts. Webcams can be sized to fit around other content or can be configured to fill the screen.

LecturePROFantastic Engagament with multiview

LecturePROs unique multiview technology allows you to create multiple layouts of your presentation screen with webcams at different positions and sizes. By selecting A, B or C your layout smoothly updates in real time whist you are presenting live.


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+vat / per year
  • 1 User License
  • 2 Webcams supported
  • 12 Months Email Support
  • Unlimited updates



+vat / per year
  • 20 User Licenses
  • 3 Webcams supported
  • 12 Months Email Support
  • Unlimited updates



+vat / per year
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • 3 Webcams supported
  • 12 Months Email Support
  • Unlimited updates

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